Sunday Morning 29th June 08

A stimulating morning, spoke to the kids about what it means to ‘wait on the Lord’ from Psalm 27, then preached on Jesus growth as a human being from Lukes gospel chapter 2 vv.39 to 52. A stimulating concept, you can here the sermon by following the link in the side bar.

Friday 27th June 08

A quiet day, bit windy so had trouble laying out literature and keeping it in place. Quite a bit of literature given away but I only had one real conversation. A lady who said she didn’t want to know her future, and then went on to talk about believing she had one but not sure whether this was personal or part of a community. Turned out she’s inclined to Buddism, I explain that Jesus came back to life that we might know there is life beyond death and that his claims to be the truth, way and life have been confirmed by his resurrection.