Sunday Morning 29th June 08

A stimulating morning, spoke to the kids about what it means to ‘wait on the Lord’ from Psalm 27, then preached on Jesus growth as a human being from Lukes gospel chapter 2 vv.39 to 52. A stimulating concept, you can here the sermon by following the link in the side bar.

Friday 27th June 08

A quiet day, bit windy so had trouble laying out literature and keeping it in place. Quite a bit of literature given away but I only had one real conversation. A lady who said she didn’t want to know her future, and then went on to talk about believing she had one but not sure whether this was personal or part of a community. Turned out she’s inclined to Buddism, I explain that Jesus came back to life that we might know there is life beyond death and that his claims to be the truth, way and life have been confirmed by his resurrection.

Sunday Morning 22nd June

I preached on the whole of Matthew 2 under the title of “According to Plan” looking at the way Matthew identifies Old Testament passages which confirm that Jesus is the Christ.

Quite well attended, a couple from Notingham were with us as the direct result of being spoken to in the town centre on Friday.

Friday 20th June, Pickering Market Place

A fine day but a bit windy restricting how much literature we could display. Nick spoke to a number of people, one man sounded serious about coming to Church, then he had a wrangle with two JW’s. I also spoke with a number of people, two non church goers from the West Midlands who listened and departed with literature. A lady spoke at length, saying she believed in a higher power but could not define it as any one god, she also took literature. A number of people took the ‘Goodnews’ leaflet gladly and spoke on the move.

Friday 13th June 08

Went to Helmsley in the afternoon, weather better, I preached for a few minutes and went on to have some marvellous conversations. First with a lady who lives in the same street as I do, she took things away to read. Then there was another lady, raised a methodist but not a believer again she took a leaflet to read. A biker from Halifax was most interesting , saw no need of Christ as he was doing fine by himself, yet he stood and talked for about 10 minutes. Nick spoke with the patronising vicar, may it please God to lift the shutters off his mind.

Rained off in Pickering this morning, did manage to give out flyers on Dwayna Litz visit.