“He sets our tears in His sight” by Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354-430)

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“Prayer is to be free of much speaking (Matthew 6:7), but not of much entreaty, if the fervor and attention persist. To speak much in prayer is to transact a necessary piece of business with unnecessary words. But to entreat much of Him whom we entreat is to knock by a long-continued and devout uplifting of the heart (Luke 18:1, 7).

In general, this business of prayer is transacted more by sighs than by speech (Romans 8:26), more by tears than by utterance (Psalm 126:5-6).

But He sets our tears in His sight (Psalm 56:8) and our groaning is not hidden from Him (Psalm 38:9) who created all things by His Word and who does not need human words.”

–Augustine of Hippo, “Letter 130 (A.D. 412)” in Letters, Volume 2 (83-130), Trans. Wilfrid Parsons (Washington, D.C.: CUA Press: 1953/2008), 391.

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Je ne suis pas Charlie, Je suis Charlene

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My latest article on Christian Today – as usual comments and responses welcome!


They came in their millions. Led by their political leaders, linking arms and walking down the streets of Nairobi. They were protesting against the slaughter of 2,000 people in the Nigerian city of Baga after Boko Haram went rampaging through the city killing women, children and the elderly who were too frail to flee. And they protested the death of 37 people killed by a car bomb in Yemen on the same day as the Charlie Hebdo killings. And the three people killed, two of them ten-year-old female suicide bombers, in the Nigerian town of Potiskum – one screaming in terror as she tried to run across the road before her bomb exploded.

And they came especially to commemorate Charlene. A lovely ten year old child from the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, who was not even…

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The Cowardice of Atheistic Secularists Using Charlie Hebdo to Attack Christianity


This is my latest piece for Christian Today:


You could almost hear the collective groan throughout the Western World: “Oh no, here we go again,” as reports came in of yet another massacre done in the name of militant Islam.

Without even reading the newspapers you know that the responses will be the same – people demonstrating in solidarity, governments and columnists telling us not to demonize all Muslims and a general sense of outrage being exploited by various right wing groups.

All understandable. However I have been surprised by another aspect that shows a more complex and worrying side to our society.

I am currently in Australia and my paper of choice is the Sydney Morning Herald. Today’s letters page and several columnists make the same point. It’s religion that’s the problem. All religion. One woman wrote: “If only we were all humanists, what a wonderful world we…

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