Jesus as the New Moses.

Jesus as the New Moses.

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It is quite clear to historians that the biblical authors made use of past history to creatively, and deliberately, shape their own stories (1). We see this in the infant narratives (2), Paul’s radical conversion on the road to Damascus (3), as well as in Matthew’s gospel that presents Jesus as a new and improved Moses. This portrayal suited Matthew’s aim to not only imply that Jesus’ was clearly important like Moses but that he also transcends Moses (4). Old Testament scholar Peter Enns identifies the following parallels as suggestive of this connection:

•    Matthew presents the story of Jesus in five discreet sections, each ending with, “When Jesus had finished saying these things …” (see 7:28–29; 11:1; 13:53; 19:1–2; 26:1–2). The fivefold story of Jesus gives a “new Torah” for the people of God.

•    Both Moses and Jesus escape a royal decree of mass infanticide (Moses was placed in a basket in…

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