The secret thoughts of an unlikely convert (book review)

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THE SECRET THOUGHTS OF AN UNLIKELY CONVERT The secret thoughts of unlikely convert
An English professor’s journey into Christian faith
By Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
Crown & Covenant. 154 pages. £8.99
ISBN 978 1 884 527 388

Sometimes when I finish reading a book the ideas in it haunt me — the narrator’s voice echoes inside my head. I wish that I hadn’t finished it because it has been such good company and everything else I have to read doesn’t feel as satisfying. I have just had that experience on finishing this book.

So why my enthusiasm? It’s not the title — although the by-line, ‘An English professor’s journey into Christian faith’, appeals to me. It’s not its slick presentation or that it has a clear target audience — in fact I’m not sure who the target audience is because it ranges across and through so many themes. The title actually describes it well — ‘secret…

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Bringing Light and Truth to Pickering

Bringing Light and Truth to Pickering

An interesting couple of hours in town today, some useful conversations. One man listened for a while, took a book and then came back later for a sermon CD.
Another scowled when he saw a leaflet that addressed evolution but wouldn’t stop, saying he believed the earth is round not flat – well what was that all about, we all know the earth is a sphere.
I’m not out to argue, I simply want an opportunity to help people see they are sinners, hear that Jesus Christ died for sinners, and that through believing on Him sinners are changed into saints!