Back on the Street Again!


Spring Time Has Arrived, and we’ve got  Good News to Share.

Conversations revolve around familiar themes, people’s indifference, self confidence and presumption. Christ’s mission, sacrifice and the salvation He provides.

So many imagine that if they are to meet God they will be putting Him in the dock, demanding He explain why there is so much pain and suffering in the world.

They’ve never taken time to examine the life and suffering of God the Son, in fact, most are quite ignorant of His great love seen in His taking the place of His people before His just and holy Father, embracing their punishment and providing full and free salvation for all for whom He sacrificed Himself.

Why is there so much suffering, pain and sorrow, don’t blame God, go look in the mirror!

Rebellious mankind is the source of human sorrow, whether it be those insane people who set off bombs in crowded places, or build unsafe shopping centres – you don’t need to go far to locate the source of mankind’s misery.

Even what we call natural disasters can be traced back to man’s madness!

Christians have the privilege of proclaiming the Good News of God’s Free and Full Redemption.

And so we will, by His grace and as the weather permits.