Friday 24th October 08

Another beautiful day, the Lord has been very kind to us. It was rather cold though and there were very few tourists about.

You can see how quiet Pickering now is from the picture.

Although the next picture might suggest we are left to read our own literature, it was not the case at all.

We both had meaningful conversations with unbelievers and were encouraged by a couple of local Christians.

Nick spoke at length with a man from the parish church who was actively involved in fund raising and good works but had no knowledge of Christ as Saviour.

I spoke with a couple who introduced themselves as a Jew and a Buddhist. He promptly said he was an athiest and that since he didn’t believe in God would not enter on any discussion regarding him. I pray God will reveal Himself and puncture their delusions.

This may well be our last Friday out until the Spring, but only the Lord knows what kind of weather we experience between now and then. We may just get out again!