Friday 19th September 08

Another pleasant day in Pickering, our table is set up again with an invitation to hear some ‘GoodNews’.

Table with invitation to hear some Good News

Table with invitation to hear some Good News

A very busy morning, from the moment we set up there was a man ready to talk!

Then the flow of people just kept coming. Mainly tourists like the couple who had a JW background. Then there was the Woman from the bank who’d never taken time to see the need to be ready to meet God.  We were encouraged by the lady from St Albans who assured us she was in a Church where the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached each week.

Three local people stick in mind, the eighteen year old who said she didn’t want to answer the question ‘are you a good person’ because she knew she wasn’t but didn’t want to change. The man from Rosedale who listened and took away a John’s gospel. And the man who said he’d been a Roman Catholic for 80 years but saw no need to consider the claims of Christ. The time flew today, there were so many people to speak with.

Nick managed to give a leaflet to the local vicar, but he didn’t stop to talk!

One final person sticks in mind, the lady who told us she had a degree in religious studies and that we insulted her by asking if she had been born again!!!!! We are sorry that you found the gospel offensive and pray that you will come to thank God for the day you met us.