The Shift to Preference Driven Church

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It’s not just in the USA! It’s killing the gospel witness of smaller churches who can’t meet the variety of demands.

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In his new book, I Will, (B&H Publishing Group) Thom Rainer charts some of the reasons for what he terms the “terrible shift to the preference driven church.” These are some challenging words.

“I can’t put a specific date on it. Smarter people than I have tried to explain it. Somewhere in the twentieth century, believers, particularly in America, began to shift from an attitude of self-sacrificing service to God and worship of God, to consumer-focused, self-serving attitudes.

It has been a terrible shift.

Some blame it on the secularization of our culture. Others point to the degradation of theology in our churches. Still others say local church leaders themselves have taken on corporate models and turned our churches into consumer-focused organizations.

There is probably some truth in all three explanations. But there is one thing we can say with certainty: the focus in too many of our church…

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7 major reasons why it takes great blind faith to reject the deity of Jesus.

7 major reasons why it takes great blind faith to reject the deity of Jesus.

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1. We would need to reject that Jesus was a miracle worker of which is abundantly attested in ancient sources.

This needs to be rejected even though the evidence is quite extraordinary. It’s attested to in all levels of strata from pre-New Testament sources Q, L, M, pre-Mark, Pre-John Signs gospel, in our New Testament sources Mark, Matthew, Luke, John, and the Pauline epistles, as well as extra-biblical sources of Josephus, and the later Talmud. A creed found in the Pauline epistle 1 Corinthians 15 houses a tradition that goes back to within five years of Jesus’ death of which itself contains the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead via recording the empty tomb. Jesus’ miracle status is what best explains the crowds that were attracted to him: “crowds flocked to him because of his reputation as a healer.” -Marcus Borg (‘The Mighty Deeds of Jesus.’)

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