“Christmas is not coming. It has come.” by Sinclair Ferguson

Tolle Lege

“When I was a child, Christmas seemed to die every year by bedtime on December 25th. The anticipation seemed long; the realization all too brief. I even tried wrapping up my presents again and opening them the following day. But my childhood disappointment could not be relieved. It was gone for another whole year.

I know now why that was true for me, as it is for every child. It was because the true meaning of Christmas eluded me. In that sense Christmas never did really ‘happen.’ I was looking in the wrong direction for the wrong things instead of in the right direction for Jesus.

The truth is, Christmas is not coming. It has come. The Word already has been made flesh. He already has lived, bled, died, and risen again for us. Now all that remains is to receive Him. For Jesus Christ Himself is the meaning…

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When the Gospel is All Past Tense


Biblical Preaching

whiteclock5I grew up in a church tradition that diligently preached the Gospel every Sunday evening.  I heard faithful folks pray in prayer meetings that folks might “come under the sound of the Gospel” and I watched the weekly routine of preaching the Gospel message.  But something was typically missing.

Essentially the problem was that the Gospel message was preached in past tense.  That is, not only was it the preaching of a past event (which it is), but it was also past tense for most of the listeners.  They had heard it before, responded before and were saved already.

So more than once I asked what the point of this service was since guests were not a common feature?  I was told that it was right to preach the Gospel, and that those of us present who had already trusted Christ for salvation could use it as an opportunity to…

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QUANTUM 88 – – Threats to democracy and the politics of fear. There’s blame game going on. —

There’s a blame game going on. David Robertson thinks about the threats to democracy that are surfacing in the wake of the Trump victory, the deep irony of the politics of fear, why BBC pluralism is wrong and how Leonard Cohen points the way to the true freedom that can be found only in Christ. […]

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Quantum 86 on the “Sexuality, Society and the Church” conference. —

The new episode of Quantum is out now on iTunes, Podbean and the Solas website here. http://www.solas-cpc.org/wp/quantum-of-solas/quantum-86/ Andy Bannister joined me in the studio to discuss last weekend’s Solas conference at Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh on sexuality, society and the church. | LINKS | The Telegraph – Row over BBC transgender programme aimed at […]

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