Lewis is perhaps one of the most well-known converts from the 20th century. There is much more about him that just his conversion. For example, he too proved to be a prolific writer as well as a gifted intellectual (1). He held academic positions at both Oxford and Cambridge and is widely known for his […]

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Let’s Read the Bible Together — Christianity Matters

Why should we read the Bible? We read the Bible because we are followers of Jesus and Jesus was obsessed with the Bible. Jesus’ Obsession with the Bible The Bible for Jesus is what we refer to as the Old Testament — Genesis through Malachi. Believe it or not, Jesus most likely had the entire thing […]

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Short Answers 06 | What’s all the fuss about Christmas? —

‘Tis the season to be jolly! But what if you’re not? What if there’s a real emptiness behind all the effort and frivolity unless you discover what the real heart of Christmas is all about? In episode 6 of SHORT/ANSWERS, Dr. Andy Bannister of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity explains why it’s impossible to […]

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Short Answers – Is Belief in God just like Belief in Santa? —

I am totally loving the way that the Lord is developing Solas since Andy Bannister joined us as director. He and Al have developed a great partnership in producing these high quality popular short videos. Here for example is the one on Christmas – I’m thinking of using it on Sunday at our carol service….why […]

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