Concert of Prayer 4th October

United Prayer

Dear brothers and sisters

The prayer meetings which took place nationwide across the three Saturdays of June 28th and July 5th and 12th were again times of encouragement. Several meetings were led to pray in repentance about the lack of vibrant spiritual life in our churches and our individual Christian lives – perhaps the most urgent aspect of the entire theme of prayer for revival.

Some expressed disappointment at the numbers attending. That reminds us of something which the leader of one of the Yorkshire meetings wrote in his report:

I suspect the root problem is our spiritual sluggishness, lack of desire to sacrifice leisure time for a prayer meeting, and our lack of understanding of our utter dependence on God for any blessing whatsoever. But then these prayer meetings ought to be including this very issue.

This letter comes to remind you that the next Yorkshire prayer meeting will be held on Saturday October 4th from 10 am till 12 noon, and will be a County-wide event. So there will be just one meeting taking place in York, at Millthorpe School (Philadelphia Terrace entrance).

Please be aware that there are other entrances to the school, but this is the only one which will be available for our use.

The school postcode, for satnav or ‘googling’ purposes, is YO23 1DH. This will bring you to the correct entrance.
Holding another central meeting this time is an exciting opportunity. The earlier central gatherings  have  been
inspirational. It is rare that we have the opportunity of praying in concert with so many people, and it is a really uplifting experience.

It is true that some of us will have to make a big journey to get to York (up to 65 miles in a few cases). But we’re convinced in our heart of hearts that the effort will be wholly worthwhile, that the Lord will bless us as we prioritise prayer for the outpouring of his Spirit in desperate times, which demand a determined and obedient response from us as his people. So please, please do join us, and come encouraged and in confidence that God will meet with you, will meet with us all, and pour out a wonderful blessing – on us, and on the souls for whom we are burdened.

Here’s an idea: the stress of getting to York might be reduced if a church or a group of churches hired a minibus or a coach, and all travelled together. Just think of the joy of fellowship on the journey – an added bonus!

We have been challenged recently by 1 Samuel 7:6: They gathered at Mizpah and drew water and poured it out before the LORD and fasted on that day. God’s people then were in a sad state. The ark, symbolizing God’s presence, was out in the woods. The enemy was oppressing. But when they prayed with fasting, confessing their sin, the LORD thundered against the Philistines, and they were routed.

Here’s a suggestion: you might like to consider fasting on October 4th. We can’t pressurize God by such a discipline, but it is a way of giving evidence of our seriousness in prayer.

If you are receiving this letter as the representative of your church, please don’t forget to make it available to the rest of your congregation. A poster is enclosed so that you can publicize the meeting. Please make the meeting known early, so that everyone can get it into their thinking and diaries. Please feel free to pass on the information to other Bible-believing churches in your vicinity. Thank you so much for your support for this exciting movement of prayer.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or need additional information, please use the contact details below.

Yours faithfully in Jesus

Jonathan Bayes Josh MacDonald