The Cowardice of Atheistic Secularists Using Charlie Hebdo to Attack Christianity

This is my latest piece for Christian Today:

You could almost hear the collective groan throughout the Western World: “Oh no, here we go again,” as reports came in of yet another massacre done in the name of militant Islam.

Without even reading the newspapers you know that the responses will be the same – people demonstrating in solidarity, governments and columnists telling us not to demonize all Muslims and a general sense of outrage being exploited by various right wing groups.

All understandable. However I have been surprised by another aspect that shows a more complex and worrying side to our society.

I am currently in Australia and my paper of choice is the Sydney Morning Herald. Today’s letters page and several columnists make the same point. It’s religion that’s the problem. All religion. One woman wrote: “If only we were all humanists, what a wonderful world we…

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