No Room for Jesus – A Christmas Message meets with a Bitter Response that Proves its Point!

Thank you David

I wrote the following ‘Christmas message’ as a reflection which the Free Church put on its website. I had not anticipated the take up by the press (so far as I aware the Scotsman, Herald, Evening Telegraph and Courier have run with it as a story), nor did I expect such a bitter response (of which more later). Anyway here is the full text of the original message – I will put the press links and some of the responses at the end.

No room in the inn for Jesus
December 23, 2014

Being a good traditional Scot I grew up much preferring New Years Day to Christmas. However people change and now I really do enjoy the opportunity to celebrate the birth of Christ and to reflect in the mid-winter darkness on the light of the world being incarnated.

It seems to me though a little ironic that, as…

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