Turning Christmas into Mythmas – Why we shouldn’t ditch the virgin birth



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Why the Virgin Birth is Important – Article in Christian Today

Turning Christmas into Mythmas: why we shouldn’t ditch the virgin birth

“There are hundreds of Greek, Egyptian and Roman myths about babies being born on December 25, why should we believe yours?” The young Goth, dressed in black from head to toe, was insistent. In a packed lecture theatre in Belfast I felt compelled to answer, perhaps not in the wisest manner. “You, sir, are a prime example of the dangers of Wikipedia,” I began, before going on to point out that there were not hundreds of myths.

When the young man met me at the end of the talk I apologised for breaking the first rule of public debate – ‘Don’t belittle your opponents.’ But he just laughed and said “No, I thought you were going…

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