Am I a consumer Christian?

This is crippling the Church in our day and needs to be highlighted.

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Richard Lacey, lead pastor of Woodgreen Evangelical Church, Worcester, asks the question

I was recently given a sabbatical by my church.

During this time my family and I visited ten different churches. It was eye-opening to experience churches as a ‘punter’ rather than a pastor and to realise afresh how daunting it can be to attend a new church – even as a Christian.

However, the most significant thing I noticed during this time was how easy it is to slip into approaching church as a consumer.

As I reflected on this, I became more and more convinced of how destructive and damaging this is, not only to the church community itself, but also to the cause of Christ. What has concerned me even more is that I’ve also become convinced that this is the dominant way most Christians – of all ages –…

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