2010 April 10th

APRIL 10th

Spring is in the air and it’s time to be out and about again.

Some people about, but not many.

Visitors Have Time To Loiter, will they spend some of it here?


The Table

 I stood back and waited for people to exercise their curiosity, but they didn’t, a few passing looks, an odd smile and hello, but, hey we are British, you don’t do religion in public!


Enough people to hope for an interest?


Sadly those who looked didn’t stop, the few to who I offered a leaflet refused, one man actually brought his back when he realised what he’d been given. Some did take them but no one stopped to talk.


Not so many people today.


Today’s people will flock to a steam engine, stop to watch its smoke and steem belch out. But ask them to discuss their standing with God and they hurry away.



Raw Power