Saturday 18th April, Pickering Market Place.

The first of our weekly ventures back into the market place of life for 2009.


We’ve clearly got something to straighten out next time, but had opportunity to speak with local people and hand out leaflets. ‘Have you heard the good news’ we ask, ‘what good news’ many reply, ‘the good news that God sent His Son to die for sinners’. Some say they already know the ‘good news’ so we ask them to tell us what it is! Still others say they have no need of the ‘good news’ as they are ok as they are, to which we reply, you’ve clearly not heard the ‘good news’ yet.

One such lady is talking with Nick below, she said she had the ‘good news’, then went on to say she was a Franciscan, a follower of St Francis. As you might imagine, Nick was able to speak about Christ and her need to be born again.

Nick speaking with a lady.Nick speaking with a lady francisan!

Many were in too much of a hurry to stop, but some did, and we were able to share the glorious ‘good news’ of God free salvation in Christ.

John spoke at length of his Roman Catholic upbringing and the terror instilled by nuns, we spoke of the amazing grace of God and sent him home with leaflets to read. He’s a local character, God willing we’ll talk again.

William, ready and waiting.William, ready and waiting.

Selecting leaflets to take home.Selecting leaflets to take home.

The table, book rack and banner again.The table, book rack and banner again.