2 thoughts on “Sunday 12th October, Open air service

  1. Dear William,

    what you are doing, as a church is very encouraging. May the Lord bless all your efforts that it may get to the people who carry ‘stony’ hearts towards the ‘Gospel’. But how do you deal with people from JW background? I found it tough to talk to them when they simply unleash memory verses out of their mind. Email me if you can and also tell me if I can do the blogging as well in the ‘wordpress.com’.

    In christ,

  2. Hello Samuel,

    Thanks for the comment, its great to hear from you.

    When dealing with JW’s I find it a great help not to get involved in the kind of doctrinal disputes which end with them quoting memory verses. I try to do this by asking them whether they expect to meet God, and whether they will get a welcome. Normally they have no confidence here and therefore I explain that this is where Christians differ in that they know their sins are forgiven [I ask ‘are yours’] because Jesus has paid my debt. Mark 10:45; Gal 3:13 etc..

    Yes, I believe anyone can have a blog with WordPress, simply sign up at:


    Pressing on and up.

    William Horsburgh

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