Friday 22nd August 08

Well, the weather is fine this morning after a whole week of rain.

Table set up and ready to go.

Table set up and ready to go.

Though it is a holiday weekend there are not a lot of people around, most took a leaflet, one lady  from Cropton also took two cds as well assuring us she would listen to them. We had a strange conversation in which she said she believed in Jesus but had also ‘seen things’? May it please the Lord to open her eyes to the Gospel!

Nick, ready to talk

Looking up Market Place

Three others are worth mentioning, the first took a leaflet entitled ‘Do you know Jesus Christ’ and handed it back with the answer no and don’t want to! Another older man  wanted us to know that he thought we were wasting our time and came back a second time to make sure we had understood him. The third man just walked closely by muttering something out loud about ‘religion’.

That's me, but where are the people?

Looking down Market Place