Friday 8th August 08

Cooler today, but dry, Nick and I were out looking for opportunities to pass on the wonderful Good news that Jesus Christ died and rose that sinners might be saved.

Very few people were in the Market Place, but we did manage to talk with some. One or two came over for a closer look but didn’t stop.

I spoke with four people in particular. The first were believers from North Leceistershire, they encouraged us to press on. Then there was the young lad, he’d never heard the gospel and listened well taking a booklet away when he left. Another man was the most demanding person today. He came to the table to speak, a disillusioned Roman Catholic, he has been dabbling in the Occult and leans toward Buddism. He spoke at length and would hardly listen to the Gospel but did give me opportunity to be very direct about being prepared to meet the real God! Finally the older man with his family who took a leaflet as he laughed and passed by.

The great need is for the work of God’s Spirit to open eyes and give new life, may it be His pleasure to give life to the dead.