Friday 18th July 08

Quiet Today!

Quiet Today!

The weather was dry for a few hours today and we therefore managed to get back out on the streets.

Nick engaging a passer by.

Not too many people about, but some did stop and talk.

A man from Tain tarried a while though his family and friends walked on. We spoke of the Gospel, his childhood Sunday School memories, his mother’s demise earlier this year. He seemed open but unconvinced of his need of Christ, he left when his family came back looking for him.

Two separate outspoken ‘atheists’  resisted taking time to discuss the ridiculous idea that anyone is actually an athiest.

Then there was the ‘fundamentalist’ from Scarborough who believed in ‘soul sleep’?

A good number of folks politely took leaflets and put them in pockets and handbags, I pray that the Lord will lead them to read and believe. I’ll be especially praying for the man who took the leaflet, screwed it up and put it un the bin.

A good number of familiar folk stopped to talk, one, Nick’s neighbour,  and two others, thanks for the encouragement. Its a small community here, you can’t go on too long before someone recognizes you.

Oh that it should please God to bring forth a harvest.

Brenda and Nick

Brenda and Nick