Friday 4th July

Another pleasant hour in the Market place talking about the Saviour.

The first man to stop was an englishman who lived in France, described himself as a believer but had no church base. Told us stories of driving relief supplies into Romania.

Two young men from Pickering stood and talked, well one of them did, the other just nodded and listened. The talkative one said his grandparents were Christians which gave me opportunity to say that if so then they were praying that he’d become one and to explain the need for a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Then there was the young couple from Hull, he said he’d come to believe through reading the Bible, something has clearly happened in his life, he wants to keep in touch and by God’s grace we’ll do just that.

Another couple from Huddersfield spoke for a bit, the wife walked away and left the husband talking. He was all for ‘cafe’ style churches but we didn’t really touch base on Gospel matters.

Most folks are polite in their refusal of literature, but two separate people were quite rude today, the gospel still ruffles feathers, I pray for God’s mercy on their lives.


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  1. Hello,

    I found your blog through the “street evangelism” tag in WordPress.

    Along with some friends from my church I’ve also done some leafleting in the street, although not as regularly (or as often) as we perhaps could.

    May I ask what kind of literature you use? Do you produce your own leaflets, or is there a supplier of quality leaflets that you could recommend? I see from your church’s webpage that there are links to the Met Tab and the Banner of Truth, so I’m assuming that we’d be roughly ‘on the same page’ in this question 🙂

    With best wishes

  2. Hello Cath, the question of literature has taxed us greatly and we decided that apart from printing our own, the next best thing was to use the better ones of those available.
    Our object isn’t only to give away literature, but rather to start a conversation, so we can work with material that is less than ideal.

    I’ve found that the material produced by ‘Living Waters’ material is attractive and to the point.

    We’ve also used material from Telit in Edinburgh.


    but selectively as I’m unhappy with the so called ‘sinners prayer’ on many of them. will supply material free, but use some odd Bible versions.

    Recently we’ve bought from they supply Living Waters material and some from Goodnews publishers in the USA which are very useful, if American in places.

    I hope this helps, feel free to get back to me.
    I couldn’t help but notice that you come from north of the border, I’m from Edinburgh originally, 21 years here on missionary work, where exactly are you located.

    William Horsburgh

  3. Thanks, that’s very useful!

    We haven’t been brave enough to start conversations primarily, unless people want to talk when they accept a leaflet.

    It’s a pity that you often seem to have to choose between attractively presented materials which include dubious things like the sinner’s prayer, and more orthodox things which aren’t so visually appealing :-/

    I’ve ordered some things from Penfold Books in the past too. Also the Trinitarian Bible Society has small colour leaflets which we’ve used in the past. They contain nothing but selected scripture verses, no sinner’s prayer but a clear exhortation to repent and believe – and often in a large variety of languages likely to be spoken by tourists. (There’s another evangelist south of the border whose name I can’t quite get off the tip of my tongue at the moment but i’m sure he’ll come back to me…)

    I have noticed though that if people are inclined to take a leaflet from a stranger they’ll simply take whatever’s offered, virtually regardless of how attractive it looks!

    We’re actually located in Edinburgh itself 🙂 It’s good to make contact with you! We have a smallish congregation with a fairly high proportion of younger people (students and under-30s). The older members of the congregation remember when a lot more leafleting outreach was done, and some of us would like to try and follow in those footsteps!

  4. I’ve found that a simple: ‘Do you have one of these’ starts of most conversations when they reply ‘what is it?’

    We also will ask a question directly related to the leaflet, such as: ‘Have you heard the goodnews’ and hold a leaflet of that title. Or ‘Are you good enough to go to heaven’ with the appropriate leaflet. This one has had the most diverse answers, some quite agressive.

    There are a number of videos to view at the Living Waters web site:

    and a visit to:

    Will show you how literature can be used to get people’s attention.

    My wife and I were in Edinburgh in March this year and worshipped with Bellvue Reformed Baptist Church as we stayed in Cannonmills, we normally go out to Penicuik Free Baptist Church when in town.

    Press on, for the night is coming!

  5. Thanks for the advice – and encouragement! Our efforts are only very small really. There’s a small group of us who get involved – most of us are from the Edinburgh Free Presbyterian church. I have a friend who attends Morningside Baptist when she’s in Ed, and friends-of-friends who are also reformed baptists (- it might be Bellevue but i don’t know for sure!).

    PS btw the name of the evangelist is Roger Carswell, now that i’ve looked it up! (

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