Friday 30th May 08

Ready to speakSpreading Good newsBack out in the Market Place, a bit quieter today, many took leaflets without stopping but some did talk.

I spoke with an interesting young man from Sheffield, he’d been to a church school but didn’t know whether God existed. He asked why God had made it so hard to find out. When I informed him of Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus he was astonished to hear that you needed to be born again to find God, but promised to go home and read John’s gospel.

A man from Malton spoke, said he was involved in the Elim Church’s youth work, he was waiting for his daughter so he encouraged us in the work of spreading the gospel.

3 young men took the ‘Are you good enough to go to heaven’ leaflet from Nick, one of them put it in the rubbish bin [first time I’ve ever seen this in a year], the other two waltzed of reading and speaking loud.

Nick also spoke with a man about the trustworthiness of the Bible and two anglican ladies who were ‘anglicans’.

Some good work was done today, may it please the Lord to save His people.