Friday, 23rd May 08 – Street Evangelism

A good day of speaking with people about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We tried using a table for the first time today, it does seem to give a focal point, though only one came to look and see what we were about.

Four of us were out, I can only talk for me.

The first man with whom I spoke was from Devon, a Believer who reaches out to young folks in Dawlish.

Then there was Frank who stopped to chat followed by Pamela, quite a handful and more concerned about vandals than her own spiritual needs.

I didn’t think Robert would stop but he did and we were able to politely discuss whether God exists, evolution and world suffering. He took away a book, may it please God that he will read it and be converted.

I nearly forgot Jonathan, a very useful conversation, brought up as a Quaker he was open to speak and probably heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time.

Many just politely take the  leaflet, but none are thrown away, one man walked down the Market place reading!

My heart goes out to the many who refuse to even hear the goodnews.